Harlan is a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer living in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  He grew up on a ranch in Western South Dakota where he grew to love nature.  That passion has transfered into his love for nature photography.  As a kid he used a browning camera with great enthusiasm as long as he could afford to buy the film and pay for developing.  The love of nature photography has grown to the point that he felt the need to share with others.  This website is a representative sample of Harlan's work.  Harlan is dedicated to providing fine art prints for those that may want to adorn their homes or offices with images of nature.  Harlan has traveled extensively for that perfect shot whether it would be of a critter or scenic landscape.  His photos have been published several times in the past few years in the South Dakota Magazine.  The photo of the Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels titled "3's Trouble" earned the Peoples Choice Award in the Dahl Arts Center's Mountain Photo Contest.  The photo titled "Lone Sentinel" earned Honorable Mention in that same contest.  Please feel free to contact Harlan by phone or email to learn more about his work and fine art print prices. 

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